Adventures of the Boomer ‘Shroomers (Pawnee ‘n’ the Vuggie)

Pawnee Site 33

Pawnee Campground just west of Ward, Colorado is one of our favorites with Vuggie for the following reasons:

  1. Paved asphalt off Highway 92 all the way (+10,500-feet above sea-level)
  2. BEAR BOXES (note the brown one left of Vuggie above)
  3. Nearby lakes (Brainard, Blue, Mitchell) with nice level hikes <3 miles
  4. and, the local flora and fauna!

Brainard Local1
Brainard Local2

Thanx to Sue and Michael Ryan of Boulder, fellow Pawnee campers who took the pictures of the MOOSE BULLS* grazing near Brainard Lake, and graciously let us post here.

Happy Camping, T & Joy

* Like FISH the plural of MOOSE is MOOSE (NOT MEESE). But our favorite “Moose” plural was what our Labrador/Canadian clients call them: “Newfie Speed-bumps”