Adventures of the Boomer ‘Shroomers! (Brainard Lake ‘n’ the King Bolete)

Yippee!!! Rocky Mountain King Boletes are sprouting at about 10000 feet! But first a picture of Vuggie and the VW Rabbit at the Brainard Lake Picnic Area:


Note the pale Rainbow! The mountain to the right is the glaciated Mt. Audubon (13,223′)–an Eocene-Paleocene grano-syenite intrusion (i.e., for you geos, the Audubon-Albion Stock.) Yeah, sexy geology up here.

Okay back to the shrooms:


Could it be? Gotta look beneath the cap to be sure!



Oh, what a Happy Camper. It IS the famous Rocky Mountain King Bolete (i.e., the Italians call them “Porcini”, the Germans “Steinpilz”, aka Boletus edulis!) Yup, old T’s favorite shroom–so he smiles big.

The many trails around the Pawnee Campground (1.5-hour drive from Denver) were full of many kinds of shrooms. And here’s an identification trick:


Carry a small mirror to look under the mushroom cap. Boletes have spongy pores under their caps, not gills. Joy here is checking out the pores under an Aspen Bolete (Leccinum insigne). I know, I know, T gets too excited to check with a mirror when he think it’s a KING.

After find a few Kings, it started to rain, and it rained all night and all morning. We were very pleased with the REI Alcove, kept us nice and dry at temperatures in the mid 40’s.


Making McNugits Omelet in an 8-inch DO in light rain. I shielded the rain with my hat–worked great and dried out the hat too. Oh yeah, the omelet was awesome on a 42° morning. As the Stark’s say: Winter is Coming!


Driving Highway 72 south from Pawnee, we always stop at the B&F Grocery Store in Nederland, CO. It’s got a small cafe inside and they serve “Mountain Burgers” with lots of onions.

We recommend these burgers highly, and always try to get to Nederland before noon to order ’em, as the locals like ’em too and the line and wait can get long for them.

Happy Camping, T & Joy

Adventures of the Boomer ‘Shroomers! (Rocky Mtn. King Bolete)

Found these beauties this morning near Webster Pass, Colorado. Yeah I'm a happy Birthday Geezer at 61.
Found these beauties this morning near Webster Pass, Colorado. Yeah I’m a happy Birthday Geezer at 61.

Ah, it’s apparently Colorado Monsoon season up here. This morning, towns along the Front Range are flooding, and Interstate 70 got partially blocked by a mudslide near Wolcott Junction.

It’s been raining all last night and all morning here in Lakewood, and Joy just spotted another leak in my gutters–oh, Joy! Rain gauge in the backyard says 2.7-inches since yesterday. The veggie gardens, trees, and grasses are loving it after all the +90°F temperatures. High today forecast in the mid-60’s–yeah, as old Colorado Boomers like us tend to wilt when temps hit 85°.

Us ‘shroomers love it too, ’cause it means in about 5 to 10 days T’s favorite big Rocky Mountain King Bolete mushrooms (aka porcini, penny bun, & Boletus edulis) will be sprouting under the pines at elevations above 7500 feet. By mid-August, Joy’s favorite the White Matsutake (Tricholoma magnivelare) will be hiding beneath the duff at the base of Ponderosa pines at elevations above 8000 feet.

We’re all hoping that August-2014 will be comparable to 2013 when shrooming up here was simply fabulous.

Best Regards, T and Joy

PS. So what do old Greek Boomers do while waiting for the rain to stop and shrooms to sprout? T’s making feta cheese today. One and a half gallons of fresh un-Pasteurized milk from our Cow-Share makes about 3 pounds of Feta — Kali Oreksi !

Adventures of the Boomer ‘Shroomers! (The King Bolete)

Rocky Mountain King Bolete Pictures

Joy found this big “King” (aka Boletus edulis or Porcini) last August near Nederland. Note: Kings have light tan-to-yellowish pores on the underside of the cap, as boletes have pores instead of gills under the cap. DO NOT EAT any bolete with RED pores!!


Found about 100' from Tent
Found about 100′ from Tent

King & Aspen Boletes

That day in August 2013 we found a few and left even more.

Regards, T & Joy