Adventures of the Boomer ‘Shroomers! – Hall Valley Campground

Hall Valley Campground in Pike National Forest is one of our favorites during August as very tasty shrooms can be found nearby. HV6 Hall Valley is an easy 1.3-hour drive from Denver, and we enjoy the scenery and geology of the place too. Joy and our dog Campbell always find Aspen Boletes (Leccinum insigne): HV4 HV8 Last week Joy found some pretty Oyster mushrooms (Pleurotus ostreatus) growing on aspen stumps, and they smell so good too. HV3 While old T found chanterelles (Cantharellus ciborium) and Meadow Mushrooms (Agaricus campestris). Meadow and Prince Mushrooms (an earlier post) are better tasting relatives to the white button, portabello, and crimini shrooms you find in the produce section of grocery stores. HV5 HV7 Yup, Hall Valley and surrounding forests are indeed a nice place to find tasty fungus treats...and apparently Girls just wanna have fungi! Regards, T & Joy