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Adventures of the Boomer ‘Shroomers! – Brainard Lake ‘n’ the King Bolete

Yippee!!! Rocky Mountain King Boletes are sprouting at about 10000 feet! But first a picture of Vuggie and the VW Rabbit at the Brainard Lake Picnic Area: Pawne1 Note the pale Rainbow! The mountain to the right is the glaciated Mt. Audubon (13,223')--an Eocene-Paleocene grano-syenite intrusion (i.e., for you geos, the Audubon-Albion Stock.) Yeah, sexy geology up here. Okay back to the shrooms: Pawne2 Could it be? Gotta look beneath the cap to be sure! YES!!! Pawne3 Oh, what a Happy Camper. It IS the famous Rocky Mountain King Bolete (i.e., the Italians call them "Porcini", the Germans "Steinpilz", aka Boletus edulis!) Yup, old T's favorite shroom--so he smiles big. The many trails around the Pawnee Campground (1.5-hour drive from Denver) were full of many kinds of shrooms...Read More

Adventures of the Boomer ‘Shroomers! – Hall Valley Campground

Hall Valley Campground in Pike National Forest is one of our favorites during August as very tasty shrooms can be found nearby. HV6 Hall Valley is an easy 1.3-hour drive from Denver, and we enjoy the scenery and geology of the place too. Joy and our dog Campbell always find Aspen Boletes (Leccinum insigne): HV4 HV8 Last week Joy found some pretty Oyster mushrooms (Pleurotus ostreatus) growing on aspen stumps, and they smell so good too. HV3 While old T found chanterelles (Cantharellus ciborium) and Meadow Mushrooms (Agaricus campestris). Meadow and Prince Mushrooms (an earlier post) are better tasting relatives to the white button, portabello, and crimini shrooms you find in the produce section of grocery stores. HV5 HV7 Yup, Hall Valley and surrounding forests are indeed a ...Read More

Adventures of the Boomer ‘Shroomers! – Hall Campground ‘n’ the Princes

The PRINCES (Agaricus augustus) are out!! This week while at Hall Valley we found a few, but never enough: Prince1 Campbell (our Westie) and T pose with three Princes on a slope at about 8100' elevation. It's our favorite Agaricus. Prince2 Here's the best one, note the large cap with brown freckles on top, when young it's cap is marshmallow shaped. Prince3 Like all Agaricus the gills are pink when young and turn brown with age; yup Agaricus species are also the button shrooms we buy in the stores. Note the shaggy stem and the ring around the stem, all Agaricus have them. Princes smell like almonds, that's how T recognizes them. Prince4 Joy had never seen one before, so had to study the books to get aquainted. Prince5 Cooked up in olive oil and butter with lots of garlic...Read More

Adventures of the Boomer ‘Shroomers – Vuggie ‘n’ Hummers

Fun times Colorado 'shrooming, and with all the Hummingbirds in the mountains we thought we would add a feeder to Vuggie: Hummer1 A Droll Yankees ($15 window-feeder) was on sale at True Value and it has large suction cups, insect/bee guards, and a cleaning brush. A few minutes later: Hummer2 Pretty fun in the Hall Valley Campground, as our feeder was attracting Broadtail Hummers (Selasphorus platycercus) all day. Fellow campers came over and enjoyed with us the Hummer acrobatics and territorial behavior. Will try to post some more shroom pictures maybe tomorrow. Nighty-night, T & JoyRead More

Adventures of the Boomer ‘Shroomers – Pawnee ‘n’ the Vuggie

Pawnee Campground just west of Ward, Colorado is one of our favorites with Vuggie for the following reasons: Pawnee Site 33 1) Paved asphalt off Highway 92 all the way (+10,500-feet above sea-level); 2) BEAR BOXES (note the brown one left of Vuggie above); 3) nearby lakes (Brainard, Blue, Mitchell) with nice level hikes <3 miles; 4) and, the local flora and fauna! Brainard Local1 Brainard Local2 Thanx to Sue and Michael Ryan of Boulder, fellow Pawnee campers who took the pictures of the MOOSE BULLS* grazing near Brainard Lake, and graciously let us post here. Happy Camping, T & Joy * Like FISH the plural of MOOSE is MOOSE (NOT MEESE). But our favorite "Moose" plural was what our Labrador/Canadian clients call them: "Newfie Speed-bumps"Read More